The Infrared Body center utilizes 3 powerful, noninvasive technologies to transform your body in just 30 days.

Losing Weight is as easy as….

Melt Fat

Removing the Fat

We place infrared pads around your problem areas, in order to drain the fat cell’s contents into the lymphatic system.

Remove Fat

Moving it Away

We have you lie on a specially designed infrared pad, which jumpstarts the lymphatic system, in order to Wisk the recently freed fat away from the fat cells.

Burn Fat

Burning it Off

After the fat is whisked away, You stand on a vibration platform, which burns the freed fat, so it does not reabsorb.

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Imagine, losing inches off your stomach, thighs, chin, arms, and even your back, without painful surgery.

Our cutting edge triple technology system can reshape your problem areas in days. Call us to see if the Infrared Body center’s 30 day body makeover program is right for you.

To Schedule a Consult, Call 860-527-3755, or Click the Green Button

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The lean, smooth body you’ve always wanted is only days away.

  • Look Amazing in 30 Days

  • Dramatic Results

  • No Pain or Downtime

  • Get a Lean Slender Look

  • 300% Larger Treatment Areas

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What to Expect

The whole procedure is painless, and completely noninvasive. Most describe the treatment as being similar to a luxurious spa experience. We first start by asking you a series of questions, in order to better understand what problem areas need attention. After assessing your goals, and taking your measurements, a weight loss coach will have you lie down on the treatment bed. The weight loss coach will place specially designed infrared pads around your problem areas. All you will feel is a warm, soothing sensation, as the pads do their work. The whole treatment is 45 minutes long. While you are receiving your treatment, you may watch TV, or listen to music. At the end of your treatment, we take measurements to record your inch loss.

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